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Track:                    A Child’s War

Release Date:        23.01.2015

Proceeds To:       The St. James’s Place Foundation

A Child’s War

I cry without explanation

I hear her voice in my head

I smell the perfume that she wears

My Son cries in his bed

Death will surround me

Sacrificed blood spills around me

I’ve never had a reason to fight for my life

I’ve never had a reason till now

Guns sound around me as I fall to the ground

I pray for an end to this, I don’t want to die

Because my son cries at night

And I have tears from wife

Oh I must survive / and so I’ll fight for my life

I’ve seen a man with no reason

Take the life of a child

So young, so lost and discouraged

No home, or hand to hold tight

Abandoned and lonely

I’m finding this action unholy

This is a Child’s War

No man can win

No explanation

Hides this sin

Save me

Save my child’s heart

Give me a reason

And send me your heart

Send all your angels

To end this holy war

Fall from red the sky

And wipe the tears

Take all our anger and banish all fears

Give me a sign

Send us your son

It’s time