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26/10/2014 - THANK YOU! x

It’s now Sunday morning on the 26th October 2014 and I’ve just recently completed my first and possibly my last solo concert at the wonderful St. James Theatre (STUDIO) in London. I had the most amazing night launching my album ;


The whole evening went better than I could have ever hoped. From the moment the wonderful Jo Corteen and superb Dave Griffiths (Night Owl) took to the stage I been overjoyed by how it all worked out. I can’t thank you all enough for your support. You made a childhood dream come true and I’m eternally grateful.  To those who attended the night, I really hope you found something you enjoyed. I loved every second. So thank you all for attending and thanks to everyone that has ever worked with me (especially on this project).

I would also like to Frank Toohey and Krystal Radio for their support as well as the staff at St. James Theatre who looked after us so well.

Most of all I would like to thank my lovely wife Cath. She has been my rock during this period of my life. She is truly amazing and I’m a lucky man.

Finally, I would like to thank Stephen Sutton for inspiring me enough to finish my project. RIP Stephen X


02/10/2014 - TiME MACHiNE RSD - Out now on iTunes and cdbaby


Finally my DOUBLE album is out! What a journey that was Just the show to go now and that's me done and then I'm back to being a full time financial adviser.

I must say I'm VERY pleased with the final product and that's mainly down to Dan Cooper, my excellent producer but not forgetting everyone that's ever worked on these songs over the last 20+ years or so.

Now I know the album is VERY expensive at £15.99 but it's how iTunes have priced this double album. Don't worry, I'm not expecting anyone to buy it (especially at that price!) but if you do get a chance to listen to it via a free streaming service like Spotify or Soundcloud, that would be great. If you don't like it, that's great as well. At least you've had a listen and thanks for your time

If you do want to buy the album you can get it much cheaper at US$15.99 via CD Baby. You will need to import the file to iTunes manually though. See link below.

but whatever you do (if you do anything) please do let me know if you do download it, then send me your download confirmation and address and I will send you the double CD to use as a beer mats FOR FREE!

I will also be selling the limited double album and programmes for a discounted price on the launch night of the 24th October in London.

PLEASE NOTE: I would like to point out that for some technical reason on iTunes the credits aren't as they should be, which is a bit disappointing. Anyway, I'm in the process of correcting this with the distribution company.

They should read:

Cold Jack - Cold Jack Band (UK)
Part of Me - Dean Chandler & George Chandler
God - Dean Chandler &
Grant Burchill
Why Did We Say Goodbye? - Dean Chandler & John Fraser
Tender Touch - Dean Chandler & John Fraser
The Sacrifices - Dean Chandler & John Fraser
Bleeding - Dean Chandler & Gary Wilson
I'm Falling Apart - Dean Chandler & Catherine
Dean R. Chandler

I think that's it and I hope I've not missed anyone out. The credits are however all registered correctly with PRS

Anyway, that's me ALMOST done. Just a few more updates before the show and then I will quietly fade away and leave you all alone.........I will need a new hobby

Thanks for your support and comments so far. They're very much appreciated.

Enjoy ! xx…/time-machine-reflect…/id924599601


03/01/2013 - Time Machine Part 2 Begins

Happy New Year everyone! I hope 2013 brings you everything you desire but most of all, good health.

With regards to the ‘Time Machine’ recordings I’m pleased to say that the music for ‘Time Machine Part 1’ will be virtually finished on the 7th January. The recording of ‘Time Machine Part 2’ starts on the 8th January and will be finished by the 21st January.  We would have recorded over 20 tracks since last September.

I will then take a short break from music to concentrate on the day job and then return to the studio later in the year to sing my final vocals, record the backing vocals and add the final musical parts. Once this is done, I will spend a final week in the studio mixing and mastering everything.

If everything goes to plan I hope the release ‘Time Machine Part 1’ this summer/autumn and ‘TM2’ in 2014. The third album is in the process of being written (5 songs so far) and hopefully it will be something completely different to the first two albums.

So thanks again to everybody that has been following the progress of these recordings and thanks for your comments. It’s very much appreciated.


15/12/2012 - ‘My Love This Christmas - 20th Anniversary Recordings

Yesterday I recorded a track written exactly 20 years ago! That’s half a lifetime for me.

I hadn’t planned to  use this track on the Time Machine album or even re-record it. However, one of my lovely nieces ‘Alisha Francis’ aged 12 and pictured below has recently been accepted into the Brit School and I thought it would be a good idea to bring her along to the studio to record a test vocal.

I’m very pleased to say that Dan & I thought she did very well and we look forward to Alisha returning to the studio next year to do her final vocal with backing singers for a 2013 Christmas release on iTunes.

Click Alisha’s picture below to hear her sing ‘My Love This Christmas’.

Well done Alisha, I hope you enjoyed your 1st recording session.

Uncle Dean. x


28/09/2012 - Studio Booked

My studio time is booked for Friday 5th October and the first track to be recorded will be ‘Memories’, written by Dean Chandler and produced by Dan Cooper .

I’m really looking forward to being back in the studio, it’s been too long.


17/09/2012 - Debut Album ‘Time Machine’

I have finally decided to make the album that I’ve been wanting to record for the last 22 years. The working title is ‘Time Machine’ and production beings now. I hope to have the album finished within 12 months. The album will be produced by Dan Cooper from Rodel Sound Ltd.

See below for the initial track listing.

Cold Jack (London) were:

Dean R. Chandler, John Fraser, Grant Burchill and Gary Wilson


16/06/2012 Music & Lyrics Update.

I have today uploaded just about everything I’ve ever worked on, the good, the bad and very ugly if you know what I mean.  You can read more here.


I breathe the morning

Watching the dawning Sun

Just for one last time

I pray for forgiveness

understanding my weakness

I’ve said my last goodbyes

So the clock ticks in my head

As bells ring to my death I cry

I have never felt that I belonged here

I have never felt that I could love here

my time to die

I’ll feel emotion

when you sing your love songs goodbye

Lyrics taken from ‘Dancing with Angels’ - 2009