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Cold Jack

Back in the thirties lived Jack, a musician trying to cope with a broken heart by travelling. He roamed the western world, singing songs of pain, time & emotion for his supper, but there he was witness to much more pain and hate. From gang warfare on the streets of Chicago to the extremist uprisings in Germany & Russia. His own despair seemed small and petty compared to the scale of such misery. He watched it all, absorbing everything, growing colder and more disillusioned. Suddenly he vanished, but no body was ever found. The only remnant of his existence was a self-penned poem, illuminated by candlelight on the wall near his bed.

If you listen quite closely in your darkest hour

Listen to emotion and music with power

Or close your eyes and drift away

You'll find me there, but we look the same

For you have travelled so far and so wide

I took some notes while you had a good time

For I have been watching, not far away

All this time I've been learning

While you sat there and played

Sometimes I wonder

Sometimes I cry

Could I attract your attention

Or should I just die?

For I am wonder and I am your pain

I'll be the reason

For your claim to fame

So I'll be the ghost

To feed on your mind

I guess I'm a ghost

Or is everyone blind

Yes I am inside you

But cause you no pain

Yes I am alive,

I'm so cold but I'm sane

No-one ever knew what became of him and few cared. Eventually his lodgings were quietly re-let by an incurious landlord and the world in general, turned its collective attention to weightier problems. But Jack had not passing away, he was now exploring new ground, the dark places of the inside. Somewhere within us all there is a voice. This voice is many things to many people - a voice of comfort when we are sad and lonely, a source of strength when we feel weak, a font of wisdom, knowledge and creativity. Sometimes this voice seems to be independent of ourselves, a person with his own memories, recalling words and lyrics to soothe our troubled minds. Occasionally you almost feel that this character is actually beside you in physical form - in body rather than just spirit. Sound familiar? Then you too, already know COLD JACK ...

Copyright exists on the poem - "Inner Voice" and "The Legend of Cold Jack"