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About Me

I started writing music 20 years ago way back in 1985. I teamed up with a school friend of mine, Pani Panayiotou and we messed around with a few ideas for a year or so before parting ways. During this time I learned a great deal from Pani which helped me branch out on my own when we finally went our separate ways.

The next few years were spent trying to write pop songs in my humble studio called “The Bedroom'. For a while I really struggled to write anything uplifting. I spent most of my time listening to Gary Numan and not Rick Astley therefore my music always seemed to be a little on the dark side. However, after a while I managed to get a few up tempo tracks under my belt which actually sounded great live.

In 1993 I was just 21 years old and that's when I really got into my music, especially as I managed to get a days recording at Numan's house. As much as being a massive thrill to be recording my own music in Gary's house after being a fan for around 14 years it was also a massive learning curve for me.

When I arrived at Gary's house I thought I knew what I was doing with regards to midi programming. After an hour or so it was quite apparent that I didn't know much at all. Having said that, Gary was very patient with me and spent a lot of time teaching me some of the more technical aspects of midi programming which helped me immensely. My time at Gary's was great. He was a great host and made me feel very comfortable. You know, it's not easy singing in front of the person you've admired and been following since the age of 7!

During 1994 I spent more time at Gary's recording my demos with my band. The tracks I recorded during these session were 'Eyes' & 'Why Did We Say Goodbye?', both featuring TJ Davis. The band I had at the time then parted and I was left with just my bass player John Fraser. You can hear John sing lead vocals on the above track, Why Did We Say Goodbye.

Over the coming months we formed our own 10 piece band 'Cold Jack'. As 'Cold Jack' we played a number of London venues during 1995 including The Royal Standard in Walthamstow and The Rock Garden in London's Covent Garden. Sadly, due to the size of the band and other personal issues, the band parted ways later that same year. However, I am still in contact with Grant Burchill (Keyboards) & Gary Wilson (drums) and I am hoping to be working on a new project with them in the near future. Details to follow.

From 1995-2002 I did very little writing and completely stopped performing. This was mainly due to having a new career as a Independent Financial Adviser with Barclays Financial Planning and getting married to my lovely wife Cath and setting up our home.

In 2002 I started to become unwell and have since been diagnosed with a nerve disorder called 'Ross Syndrome'. Now, if anyone knows anything about this then I would appreciate them getting in contact, as from what I can make out it's a very rare disorder indeed.

It's was during this time that I started to write again as I had some time on my hands due to being off work and spending time in and out of hospital. During this time I have written enough new music to compete an album. However, as yet it needs to be recorded and the lyrics have yet to be completed.

So this brings us up to date. Grant has just finished building his new recording studio and I hope to be working with him again on a few new tracks later this year and I will be busy over the winter working in my studio 'Nusound' trying to finish off my new batch of material. I will be posting clips of my new material on the music site as soon as they are ready. For now you can listen to some of my older work on the Music page for free.

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